Storex offers professional storage space, warehousing and distribution services in major cities of the Kingdom, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. Our warehouses are temperature-controlled, dry, dust-free storage space. Using our spiral cooling technology, we are able to maintain a consistent temperature of 18C in our warehouses to avoid any heat exposure. Beyond our cooling capabilities, we maintain many certifications to ensure storage compliance for many types of goods. Coupled with our 24/7 surveillance, clients are given peace of mind that their palletized goods are maintained safely and securely – ensuring that what is stored at the time of arrival is the same at the time of pick-up. We process and appropriately store loose or palletized goods on shelves, racks, or in bulk in affordable multi-user facilities.

However, in today’s landscape, we understand that warehousing goes beyond offering mere storage facilities. This is why we provide a spectrum of services when companies use our warehouses. This includes:

- Cross-Docking
- Inventory Management
- Palletization
- Shrink Wrapping
- Segregation
- Labelling
- Inspection
- Order Processing
- Empty Pallet Provision